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Mobile application for iOS and

to share brief scenes
of cult movies and videos.

  • Mobile
  • Desktop

WittiZ is an innovative service that puts forth the richness of our audiovisual heritage. The application allows us to discover and share quotes from movies, TV shows, skits or ads.

The iPhone app interface was conceived to enable the following actions as easily and quickly as possible:

  • to watch videos without having to click (AutoPlay, page flow);
  • to find the video of your choice using the categories or the search engine, both accessible from all pages;
  • to navigate within the application without having to go backward.

The user can add videos to his favorites, create playlists, follow directors or actors… Way to spend hours reliving cult movie and TV scenes!

WittiZ - home & menu
WittiZ - film & purchase

In addition to the mobile application currently available on the app stores, a responsive website was set up, rapidly presenting the project, features and corporate information.

WittiZ - desktop
WittiZ - mobile

Following the successful launch of the first version of the app on iOS, an Android version was developed in parallel with more advanced features for Apple smartphones (playlists, notifications, messaging…). Thus offering the opportunity to take into account new graphic guidelines on both systems, to make the app simpler and more modern with Material Design and iOS 7.

WittiZ - home & menu
WittiZ - TV show & profile
WittiZ - purchase & film
WittiZ - profile & playlist

Finally, a web platform picking up the basic functions of the WittiZ service was set up in order to complete the mobile app and communicate about its new identity.

WittiZ - web app home
WittiZ - web app list
WittiZ - web app video