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Website redesign of Primagora

to promote campaigns for
donations to charities.

  • Desktop

Although online support for associations and charities has massively evolved, crowdfunding still has lots of room for progress in the area of donations to social and humanitarian causes. Primagora was therefore launched with two main objectives:

  • to provide opportunities for everyone to make a financial contribution to major international associations as much as small neighborhood associations by giving them visibility;
  • to allow more people to participate in causes, and not just financially, but also by giving their voice (petition) and time (volunteering).

The interface needed to be warm while inspiring trust, as opposed to the usually rather austere design for these types of platforms. The user has access to current campaigns along with their objectives and visualizes how he can contribute thanks to the color-coding system that differentiates the types of campaigns on the site.

Primagora - campaigns page
Primagora - campaign

As for the associations, they have access to a comprehensive dashboard that allows them to easily manage their campaigns as well as their support, donations received, objectives and statistics. Everyone can put ideas forward, comment, contribute and share information on social media.

The illustrations and icons were made in collaboration with Caroline Saint-Lu.

Primagora - dashboard
Primagora - team