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Innovative service offering
the aggregation

of blog posts
in a single interface.

  • Mobile
  • Desktop
  • Tablet

How can we restore the visibility of blog posts that are often tedious to browse through site-by-site and even more difficult to find on search engines that don’t pull hot news up? Feedscorner allows people to easily search and follow blog authors around similar themes thanks to a tag criterisation.

The site architecture is very minimal since it consists in a simple relay of blogs in one place that links to the actual posts, which then open in their own window. The interface consists of a vertical timeline pulling posts up in real time. Profile pictures of content producers are highlighted in order to identify them at a glance. Each of them has a profile page that collects their posts.

Feedscorner - feed
Feedscorner - profile
Feedscorner - post page

A mobile version has been developed, taking the principle of the timeline and adapting the navigation and secondary features to small resolutions.

Feedscorner - feed & menu